Do you properly store accessories while riding the mountain bicycle?

Guess how much he paid to get his phone repaired and other spares? More than $650. Don’t be like Sam. All Sam could have done was to attach 2 screw holders on the middle bar of his bicycle and his Zacro’s Bicycle Bag is ready to take responsibility of the accessories. Why Zacro’s Bicycle BagContinue reading “Do you properly store accessories while riding the mountain bicycle?”

Why should you know me?

I am a certified copywriter with an ambition to drive sales. Copywriting is a skill I acquired from my sales experience of 2 years. I can make ‘Buy’ button fade away! Industries which I worked for are versatile. I’ve been into pharma sales, mobile application and software sales to hospitals, fruit jams and chocolate salesContinue reading “Why should you know me?”